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Social For Local Academy
Complete mentoring 
and coaching package – 
We will hold your hand 
to 6 figure success
Discover the secrets 
of these 4 successful social media marketers who are on the frontline daily making a living from local businesses
Everything you could possibly need to get 
leads and clients, 
now and into the future
Stay on top of the fast-changing world of local marketing in one single place, and implement only what’s proven to work
Dear Struggling Local Consultant,
Alicia, Lorette, Mitali and Ivana here
We’re busy, just like you – so let’s cut to the chase and find out if you’re a good fit for the Social For Local Academy:
  •  ​Do you have a local agency and you want to offer your clients social media and other local services they all need and want, but you don’t want to hire more people or do extra work?
  •  ​If you do NOT currently have a local agency, are you ready when a life-changing opportunity presents itself?
  •  ​Does the thought of collecting recurring income each and every month from local clients excite you?
In a Nutshell...
  •  ​You don't need to have any previous experience
  •  ​It doesn't matter if you have tried and failed in the past
  •  ​You don't need a big budget to get started
You’re going to discover the secrets of building a 6 figure social media agency, in the fastest time possible. 

Many people, just like you, are doing just that… and so can YOU. 

First things first…
Why Should You Listen To Us?
We make our money providing 
social media and other local services to local businesses, and have been doing so for the past 6 years, for over 160 different clients.
You won’t believe the amount 
of money we’ve spent on 
courses, books, events etc. 
to further our learning.
And of course we’ve had 
7 whole years to practice
on our clients’ accounts!
It’s safe to say, not many people have spent this amount of time 
on actual hands-on experience with social media for local businesses.
That’s what makes us so different. We’re a living, breathing example of what we teach. 

Others might teach you how to do social media for businesses, but chances are, they’re teaching theory (and probably have no real local clients).

What we share with you is PROVEN STRATEGIES, not theory. We only teach what is working for us.
In fact, many of our students love Social For Local Academy, because we stay on top of the ever-changing world 
of social media marketing, so you don’t have to!
Between us we have 2 genuine, extremely successful 6 figure social media agencies that service local businesses (over 160 in total). 

We hate to brag about how wonderful Social For Local Academy is...

So Instead...

Take A Look At What People (Just Like You) 
Have To Say About Social For Local Academy
Social For Local Academy Has $2,591 Worth Of Proven Content 
Get Instant Access To All Of This:
Weekly Mentoring & Coaching
Every Thursday at 3pm EST, we hold a live training webinar where we go inside our successful agency business and reveal strategies that are working for us right now, ready for you to copy and paste into your business.
This training is a mixture of content, Q&A's, mastermind sessions, guest speakers and more. Don't worry if you miss a session as all training is recorded and  added to your portal, ready for you to watch when it's convenient for you.

Here’s just a taster of what we'll cover:
  • ​Meetup strategy – how to use Meetup to get your services in front of local business owners
  • ​Event placement – how to use Facebook Events to generate new customers for local businesses
  • ​Facebook advertising – how to create ads that bring in a ton of new leads
  • ​Creating a team you’ll love – how to pick the best people that take your business to the next level
  • ​Funnel building – how to create an online sales funnel that generates leads and sales on autopilot
  • ​Instagram marketing – how to use this visual social media platform to bring in new customers for local businesses
  • ​Google Ads – how to create winning Ad campaigns
  • ​Retargeting – how to use retargeting to turn more clicks into leads, for your agency business or as a service for clients
Review & Accountability Webinars
This isn’t just a course, this is a community of like-minded people where we hold each other accountable:
  • ​Review on actions taken
  • ​Discuss wins and failures
  • ​Ask for advice
  • ​Get a second opinion
  • ​Build each other up for 6 figure success and BEYOND
Monthly ‘Frontline’ Content
Our members love how we’re on the ‘frontline’ testing out strategies for them, and keeping on top of the fast-paced  world of social media and local marketing, so they don’t have to. 

Every month, we add new proven strategies for you to directly implement into your agency business.
Social Media Agency Set Up
Each module will walk you through, step by step:
  • ​How to set up your agency business
  • ​How to set up your agency website
  • ​How to set up your Facebook agency page 
  • ​How to create engaging content for your website and social media platforms
  • How to get clients – different methods 
  • How to price your services
  • How to correctly onboard new clients
Effective Marketing
Each module will walk you through, step by step:
  • ​How to do Facebook marketing
  • ​How to do Instagram marketing 
  • ​How to do YouTube marketing 
  • ​How to do Social Selling 
  • ​How to easily manage your social media accounts – recommended business tools 
  • ​How to easily create engaging content and graphics
Scaling Up & Fast Business Growth
Each module will walk you through, step by step:
  • ​How to outsource for success
  • ​How to hire different skills e.g. designers, copywriters etc. 
  • ​How and where to find the best talent – recommended platforms and tools
Total Value of Social For Local Training = $1,497
Take A Quick Look Inside The Members’ Area Here
Wait, You’ll Also Get Access To These
Profit-Generating Bonuses
Private Facebook  Mastermind Group Value $297
When you set up a new business, it’s exciting, but it can also be a lonely experience. What you need is a group of like-minded people. Our Mastermind Group is the perfect place to:
  • ​Ask specific questions and get practical answers
  • ​Get a second opinion or advice 
  • ​Share ideas and concepts 
  • ​Get motivation from hearing success stories 
  • ​Get appreciation for your own successes 
  • ​Learn from people who are ahead of you, so you get shortcuts and avoid mistakes 
  • ​Learn the newest tactics and techniques that keep you ahead of the game
Bonus 2 
Done-For-You Custom Graphics 
Value $797
We will create up to 36 custom social media graphics, for up to 3 of your local clients.
With over 7 years of experience, we know a thing or two about creating graphics that generate likes, shares and engagement on social media platforms.

Just contact us at to give us details about your clients and what they need, and we'll create eye-catching social media graphics that's sure to wow them.
Why Should I Choose Social For Local Academy?
Reason 1:
A COMMUNITY And Not Just A Training Course
If you’re on this page, then it’s extremely likely that you:
  •  ​Have a local agency and wanting to grow it exponentially, or
  •  ​Looking to start up a local agency, or
  •  ​Very interested in building recurring revenue streams.
Everybody inside Social For Local Academy
has the same goals as YOU
Inside, you’ll meet people on the same level as you, as well as people who are ahead… people who know exactly what you’re going through because they’ve been there themselves.

Our thriving community is the perfect place:
  •  ​To ask any business related question you like
  •  ​To keep on top of any new strategies
  •  ​To bounce around ideas
  •  ​Get feedback on a new tool or service
  •  ​Conduct mutually beneficial brainstorming sessions
  •  ​Even forge business partnerships and alliances (because sometimes it really is WHO you know, and not what you know).
Most importantly, you gain access 
to a group of people who are ALWAYS on your side, 
MOTIVATING you and cheering you on to success
Reason 2:
Extensive, Battle-Tested Training Materials
(New Content Added Every Month)
Inside Social For Local Academy, you’ll get extensive core training material that walks you through, step-by-step, how to set up a social media agency for local businesses from scratch.

Plus, we’ll also show you how to get local businesses to ethically hand over their credit card every time they hear about your social media services and skills. Other courses give you things to “try”….with Social For Local Academy, you get a proven, done-for-you system. 

Remember, we’re not just ‘trainers.’ We’re not making a living from just creating and providing training content.

We’ve delivered lots of new customers to our clients, and we are collecting recurring revenue from each and every one of them, every single month. 

We are on the frontline right now, testing, tweaking, and perfecting everything from new local services to new tools, software, marketing strategies…you name it and, chances are, we’ve tried it and lived to tell the tale.

Why go through all the trial and error yourself, when we can do it for you? Every month, we'll add in new content, fresh from what we’ve learnt on the frontline of our agency businesses, so you can simply implement exactly what works – no testing needed, and ZERO chance of mistakes. 
Reason 3:
 We’ll Hold Your Hand And Lead You Step-By-Step To Success
When we were starting out, we bought various courses and books, attended seminars… we won’t scare you with how much we’ve spent...

That’s all good and well, but there’s something about having a mentor that really drives you to success

A mentor is there for you to ask specific questions, to give you an honest opinion, to tell you what they would 
do in a given situation… the learning you receive is just so much more dynamic than simply going through a course or a book.

But, most importantly, a mentor will hold you ACCOUNTABLE. 

It’s easy, when we first start out in business, to be buzzing with excitement and motivation. But, as with all businesses, there will be setbacks. It’s during those testing times that many people give up. 

This is when an accomplished mentor is worth their weight in gold. 

We promise, we WILL hold you accountable, and we will not let you give up on your dreams of owning a 6 figure agency. 

We’re just 4 normal girls, nothing special. If we can do it, so can YOU. 

You can build an amazing 6 figure business that you’d be proud to show off to your friends and family, so long as you take action… we will be there to make sure you do!
Is Social For Local Academy For You?
Social For Local Academy is for you if you are serious about building a 6 figure business AND one or more of the following categories apply to you:
  • Brand New To Social Media Marketing
  • ​Tried Other "Systems" But Failed
  • ​Have An Agency But Want Larger Fees
  • ​Want To Build A 6 Figure Agency From Scratch
  • ​Struggled Previously With Social Media & Local Marketing
  • ​Feel That You Are Missing Vital Mentorship That Can Lead You To Success… 
  • ​Have An Agency But Want To Build Recurring Income Streams
Social For Local Academy is NOT suitable for:
  • "Shiny Object" Hunters
  • Loophole Chasers
  • "Biz Op" Tire Kickers
  • Get Rich Quick Dreamers
  • Anyone who is not willing to put in 100% effort (because we’ll be putting 100% effort into you)
  • ​If that's you, I wish you well but please don't enroll into Social For Local Academy because we can’t help you.
Just Imagine Getting The Keys To A Successful 6 Figure Agency Without Ever Having To Worry About Failure Again…
How would it change YOUR life?
  • ​Would you quit your day job? Spend more time with your family and friends? Take extra vacations?
  • ​How would the peace of mind make you feel every morning when you get out of bed?
  • ​How would the personal satisfaction make you feel knowing you’re making a real difference to local businesses? 
  • ​How would you feel seeing the look of love, admiration and respect in your partner’s eyes as you provide them and your family real financial security?
  • ​How confident would you feel walking into any room as a successful entrepreneur?
Now, at this stage… 
I bet you're wondering, "How much?"
First, let's recap what you are getting:
1) Social For Local Academy with Weekly Mentoring & Coaching                       Value: $1,497

2) Private FB Mastermind Group                                                                                      Value: $297 

3) Done-For-You Custom Graphics                                                                                Value: $797
That's a Total Combined Value of $2,591
But you're not going to pay anywhere near that…
Although some might call us crazy, we made a firm decision to give you full access to
Social for Local Academy today for a fraction of its real world value.
Why is the price so ridiculously low? 
Excellent question and here's the simple answer…

After we hit 6 figures in our 2 wildly successful agency businesses, we had two choices…
First Option:
Keep this quiet and just get more clients (rather selfish of us and, bearing in mind that there's over 80 million small businesses in the US alone, there's absolutely no way we could physically help all of them)...
Second Option:
Invite special people (like you) to benefit from our tried and tested resources and knowledge.
We settled on the second option : -)
But we also know there are many smart people who may not have a ton of money to invest 
in costly seminars and workshops that cost several thousand dollars…

Which is why we’ve priced membership to our Social For Local Academy at an affordable level.
Now, if you’ve purchased any of our training before, then you’ll know we aim to give you the best quality products and unparalleled customer support... 

However, we know that if you're not already a member of ours, then right now you might be a little skeptical, and this is all sounding too good to be true...

We get that, we really do, because we know from personal experience what it's like to be pitched "shiny objects" that promise amazing results, but turn out to be spectacularly bad and dismal failures.
Therefore, we want to make sure you have complete peace of mind by removing ALL of the risk.

We’re letting you gain full access for 1 (one) week to Social for Local Academy, and if you’re not happy, all you have to do is cancel the membership. 

If at any time during the first 7 days, you aren't thrilled with the training materials, webinars, mentoring and support you get inside Social For Local Academy, or for any other reason, you can cancel your membership by sending us a quick message to our friendly support desk.

No strings attached. No hard feelings. No risk whatsoever.
Remember, you won't believe the value and benefits of membership you’ll receive inside...
You are only seconds away from gaining access to the only Academy you’ll ever need for 6 figure success.
Act now before we’re full and close our doors…
Right Now, You Have Just 2 Options….
Option 1:
Do nothing, and not
take this leap of faith 
Keep making mistake after mistake by going through trial and error, desperately trying to find out what works...

But perhaps you are different?
Option 2:
Be smart, and enroll into
Social For Local Academy 
Just pony up this small investment today (compared to the huge value you're getting in return), and learn from the best.

Why reinvent the wheel, or blaze a brand new trail into the unknown, when you can simply deploy the same tactics that have been proven to work by other ultra-successful marketers?
If All Social For Local Academy Did Was…
Brought you 5 clients paying you $497 
every month... 
would it be worth it?
Made you an 
extra $10K/month... 
would it be worth it?
Gave you a business that you would be proud of... would it be worth it?
What about just one client paying you $1,500/month... would it be worth it?
One client has paid us $1,500/month for the past 6 years...
(That’s $108,000 from just ONE Client!)
How Much Would YOU Pay To Get A System 
With a Proven Track Record?
The Real Question Is…
Is It Worth Taking A Few Minutes Of Your Time 
To Check Out Social For Local Academy?
(Even if it delivered only HALF of what we’ve claimed on this page,
it would pay for itself with just 20% of ONE client’s monthly rate)
To Your Success,
Alicia, Lorette, Mitali & Ivana
P.S. Remember you get 1 (one) full week to try out Social For Local Academy. If you are not completely satisfied for any reason (or no reason) at all, simply cancel your subscription.

P.P.S. If you can see the Enroll Now button, then you’ve lucked out because you’ve arrived just in the nick of time. We only open our doors for a few days at a time, as we can’t have too many members in our Academy. So don’t hang around...
Hit the ‘Enroll Now’ Button Below
Before We Shut Our Doors
We can promise you one thing… If you do nothing, nothing will change.
It's up to YOU now:
Frequently Asked Questions
  •  Why don't I just buy a book to learn this?
The problem with some books and courses is that they’re full of long winded theory, rather than teaching you a step-by-step system that works. Not only that, even if they’ve been created by someone who is a genuine social media marketers for local businesses (like we are), things move fast in the local marketing world.

Unlike gaining access to a membership club, buying a one-time course or book is only going to give you a snapshot of what is working right now (or what was working back when it was written) – there’s no way it can keep up to date with the fast pace nature of local marketing.
  •  Do I need any technical skills?
Not at all. One member of our own team is not a massive fan of technology, and many of our students could barely send an email before they started with us.

We go through literally everything, step-by-step, with video and written content, from setting up your first website, to setting up a presence on social media platforms… you’ll have the opportunity of watching over our shoulders, so you can simply copy what we do.
  •  Do you teach high pressure tactics to close clients?
We NEVER teach or advocate this. Look, high pressure sales tactics can work, but only because it involves manipulating and even scaring people into action. And it only works as a one-off.

We would have never built our 6 figure agencies by pressurizing people into one-off services. Our success is down to repeat customers who pay us monthly retainers… they wouldn’t do this if they didn’t like us and trust us (and no one likes someone who pressures them).

Our prospecting tactics involve demonstrating value and being our clients’ ‘hero’…something we’ll teach you inside the Academy. 
  •  Is there enough business in my area for me to build a 6 figure social media agency?
Absolutely. How can we be sure? According to TechCrunch (online ‘newspaper’ for tech industry news), there are 80 million small businesses on their platform in the US alone, with 1.6 billion people connected to them.

That’s business owners subscribing to tech news because they want to learn how to utilize technology and social media to grow their business. However, the problem they have is they don’t have the time to learn, don’t have the will to learn, and they don’t want to waste money on trial and error to see what works. Which means there’s an unprecedented opportunity for you to be their ‘hero’ and handle their social media and digital needs.
  •  Will this work for me? I don’t have a lot of time
Many of our students started part time because they had 9-5’s,v bills to pay, children to look after etc. The great thing about Social for Local Academy is that you can go at your own pace. Our weekly webinar training sessions are all recorded, so they’re there for you inside the membership area to watch at a time that suits you. And all the core training is available 24/7.

Once you start seeing results, you can decide when you wish to leave your current job. 
  •  Is it really possible to learn everything about setting up a 6 figure agency via distance learning?
Did you read the testimonials above from some of our current members? That’s just a tiny fraction. Hundreds of people, just like you, from all over the word, have set up successful social media agencies, by learning from home. We’ve provided a complete road map to success, starting from scratch. All we ask is that you follow along, step-by-step and take action.
  •  Will I need to employ people?
The quick answer is No. The long answer is still No, but once you start seeing results, we urge you to start outsourcing as soon as you feel comfortable. Outsourcing and delegation have been the cornerstones of our success, as we are able to focus purely on growing our business and scaling up (instead of getting bogged down with the ‘grunt work.’) Don’t worry, we’ll show you exactly how to outsource and build an amazing team around you, dedicated to your success.
  •   I don’t have a large start up budget
You don’t need one. The great thing about this business model is that you don’t need the large budget of an actual bricks and mortar business. There’s no need for premises, stock, logistics etc. We’ll show you how to get set up on a shoestring budget, and then all you need to invest is a little time and the commitment to take action.
  •  I’m worried I don’t have what it takes to service clients
We get it. When you’re starting out, it’s normal to doubt yourself. ‘What if I don’t have the confidence? What if I make mistakes? Will clients be willing to take a chance on me?’ Let us eliminate your fears and hold your hand to success.

We will show you exactly what to do. We’ll show you how to prospect for clients, how to approach them, and how to open dialogue with them that allows them to express what they need from you. Then we’ll show you how to service each client, giving you all the knowledge and skills you need, so you build unshakable confidence. Not only that, you’ll wow your clients by always being on top of new strategies (they’ll think you’re a bonafide GENIUS).

Even a top surgeon wasn’t born knowing how to operate. He or she would have gone through medical school. The Social For Local Academy is the school you need, to go from newbie to social media local marketer – you just need to take that first step into our Academy. 
  •   What level of income can I expect in the next month?
It's possible to be up and running within a couple of days, and to get your first client within a week. However, this is all down to you. As with anything, the more time you spend going through our training and then putting it into action, the faster you'll see results. On the other hand, the more you procrastinate, the longer it'll take.
  •  Can I enroll in your Academy at any time?
No. You must understand, we cannot possibly run 2 successful social media agencies, and give our time and energy to all of our students, without limiting the number of openings we have. If you can‘t see an ‘Enroll Now’ button, it means we’re currently closed (please leave your details at
and we’ll be in touch when we next open).

If you can see an ‘Enroll Now’ button, it means you’re in luck, and we’ve opened up for a few days to let new students in (until we’re full). This is not the time to procrastinate,. Don’t let this opportunity slip away. Click the 'Enroll Now' button below.
  •  What if the timing's not good for me? I'm too busy
The short answer is no problem and you can go as fast or as slow as you like. Because all the materials are available 24/7, 7 days a week, you'll easily be able to fit the course into your schedule. Also, all live training sessions are recorded, and you can submit questions in advance. So if you can't make a particular session, you can watch at your leisure at any time that suits you.
  •   What if I have questions or get stuck?
No problem. Just send an email to our support desk at We answer 90% of queries within 24 hours Monday to Friday, but it can occasionally take 48 hours during busy periods.
Click On The Button Below to Enroll Now
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